enerGfacade® Energy Efficient Building Solutions

enerGfacade® Energy Efficient Building Solutions

There’s a fine line between environmentally friendly and environmentally intelligent.

YKK AP’s unique enerGfacade® product line provides both ecologically sustainable and economically sensible solutions for the entire building envelope. By offering superior insulation properties in a complete suite of thermally broken products, enerGfacade® simplifies your search for the right products to meet your goals.

Upgrading a building’s framing system first can be the most cost effective option for gaining LEED® certification and exercising environmental intelligence. The complete line of YKK AP® advanced energy efficient building envelope is designed to provide the highest level of thermal performance, exceeding the industry’s most stringent green standards, including ASHRAE 189.1, before upgrading glass beyond standard alternatives.

This product line spans the entirety of the YKK AP offering, allowing you to drastically increase a building envelope’s energy efficiency. From entrances, storefronts and curtain walls to sun controls, windows and balcony doors, the exacting quality of our energy-efficient products cuts waste, controls cost and makes installation easier. Every element marries seamlessly for aesthetic consistency.

All of our enerGfacade® energy efficient doors, windows, entrances, storefronts, curtain walls, and sun-control products have a high tolerance control on extrusions to allow for easier assembly and tighter snap connections. You get a better fit and finish with significantly less rework or material adjustments at the job-site.


Products featuring an XT designation are the highest performing aluminum fenestration systems in the market. These systems feature multiple thermal barriers to minimize heat loss through the building envelope. Their ability to meet advanced energy codes with standard IG units provides the industry with a new baseline of energy performance. Our XT series also allows for high-end IG glass, which when combined with the efficiency of the enerGfacade® system offers a level of energy savings far beyond the industry’s best performance standards.


The YOW 350 XT achieves state of the art energy performance while utilizing standard 1″ insulating glass. Innovative design attributes minimize energy loss through a multitude of thermal barriers. This factory glazed window wall system has an overall depth of 3-1/2″ and is thermally broken by a combination of MegaTherm® Thermal Breaks and gasketing to insulate multiple air chambers. Improved occupant comfort is achieved by interior surfaces that are significantly warmer than traditional window systems in cold climates.

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The enerGfacade® family includes the Cradle-to-Cradle® certified, award-winning ThermaShade® sunshades, the industry’s only sunshade system with a thermal barrier. When integrated with the curtain wall of a building, ThermaShade sunshades help reduce solar heat gain and improve the building envelope’s thermal performance. The ThermaShade® sunshade system offers a wide spectrum of design and color options.



YKK AP’s new Luminance® light shelf, recognized as a Top 100 Product by Buildings Magazine, substantially improves interior daylight with highly reflective melamine surfaces which diffuse light deeper into interior spaces. Luminance® light shelf also flips down effortlessly to make cleaning a snap. Its unique assembly process includes a 90-degree tilt-down panel feature, which enables easy maintenance of the light reflecting surface and the glazing above it.

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Besides helping with LEED® certification, all of our enerGfacade® products are manufactured using a minimum of 30% pre-consumer recycled material and are made in the USA at our facility which is ISO 14001 environmentally certified. YKK AP is committed to providing excellent materials without placing undue strain on the environment.





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