ThermaBond Plus®

Thermal Break Technology

Aluminum fenestration system products have employed a process known as Pour & DeBridge for many years to improve their thermal performance. The process involves filling a channel in the aluminum extrusion with a polyurethane material and then removing the bottom of the channel thereby isolating the aluminum on exterior from the aluminum interior of the glazing system. While the pour and debridge process economically delivers the desired level of energy conservation it has an inherent problem as the polyurethane material does not adhere well to the aluminum. This lack of adhesion has led to a phenomenon known as “dry shrinkage” which may lead to performance issues for the glazing system.

ThermaBond Plus® process is a process from YKK AP that greatly improves the adhesion of the polyurethane material to the aluminum extrusion. Combining science and technology, ThermaBond Plus® process resolves the problem of adhesion and the resulting dry shrinkage associated with typical poured and debridged systems. YKK AP is proud of the ThermaBond Plus® system as we strive to offer only products that provide proven performance over the life of the building.