MegaTherm® Aluminum Framing System

A key component to thermally broken systems by YKK AP are the 6/6 nylon polyamide glass fiber reinforced pressure extruded bars that join two separate extrusions into one thermally broken frame. The MegaTherm® aluminum framing system offers unmatched performance and durability by saving energy and reducing condensation. The polyamide material is much stronger and has a higher melting point than PVC or polyurethane used in other systems; and since its coefficient of thermal expansion is very close to aluminum, the bond between it and the extrusion maintains structural integrity through a wide range of temperature fluctuations.

In addition to providing an effective thermal barrier, the MegaTherm® aluminum framing system also allows dual finish options. Some unique design effects may be created by changing finishes between the exterior and interior exposed surfaces. Using different exterior/interior finishes may also achieve cost savings on larger projects by putting a less costly finish on the interior surface.

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