Anodized Plus® Aluminum Finishes

Conventional anodized aluminum finishes are known for their beauty and availability. To help provide protection for the conventional anodized finish, the porous anodic film is subjected to a hot water or steam sealing process; however, aqueous seals cannot completely close every pore of the anodic layer. YKK AP recognizes that failure to seal every pore of the anodic finish may lead to staining and overall degradation of the finish. To maintain the beauty and luster of the anodized finish, YKK AP goes one step further. Our Anodized Plus® finish replaces the traditional sealing process with an electro-deposited organic seal to ensure that all pores are closed and that the anodized finish is protected from common construction site chemicals and caustic environments. YKK AP’s Anodized Plus® finish meets all of the requirements for the latest AAMA standard for anodized finishes, AAMA 612. AAMA 612 requires anodized finishes to undergo a series of stringent tests to ensure that they are able to resist damage from mortar, acid rain, pollution, detergent, and salt spray. YKK AP’s Anodized Plus® finish is available in white, clear, champagne, medium bronze, dark bronze and black in a matte finish. Color consistency and uniformity is assured with our anodizing process.

Other Finishes

YKK AP offers a variety of painted finishes that are painted at our environmentally friendly Dublin facility. When painted finishes are selected, YKK AP recommends:

  • For a “superior level” of performance the use of a fluoropolymer coating with Kynar 500® that meets or exceeds the requirements of AAMA 2605.
  • For a “high level” of performance a fluoropolymer coating with Kynar 500® or a silicone polyester that meets or exceeds AAMA 2604 requirements.
  • YKK AP also offers acrylic coatings that meet or exceed the specifications of AAMA 2603.

For finish samples and/or additional information about the full line of quality products and services offered by YKK AP, consult our nearest office or sales representative.

Kynar 500 is a registered trademark of Arkema Inc.