Luminance® Light Shelf System

Luminance® Light Shelf System
Luminance® Light Shelf System
Luminance® Light Shelf System thumb
Luminance® Light Shelf System thumb
Category: Sun Control

The YKK AP Luminance® Light Shelf system incorporates modern design elements and maintenance features offering the most attractive and functional light shelf system on the market.

This unique system is constructed from high quality aluminum extrusions and a lightweight, rigid honeycomb core panel with a durable melamine surface.

Luminance incorporates a unique assembly process that includes a tiltdown panel feature allowing easy maintenance of the light reflecting surface and the glazing above it. This surface is highly reflective and slightly textured, yielding a penetrating, diffused light deeper into the interior space. Luminance is the ideal complement to YKK AP’s ThermaShade® and together provides a complete sun control solution.

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Product Data


Advanced Thermal


  • Modular components simplify fabrication, installation and replacement
  • Can be applied to all YKK AP systems that have a minimum 2″ interior face dimension
  • Four interior fascia trim designs are readily available to complement a variety of interior applications
  • All fabrication and most of the assembly can be completed in the shop, reducing the overall cost of installation
  • The pivoting panel feature makes each modular panel component very easy to clean
  • Designed around “Design for Disassembly” principles


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Anodized Plus® / enerGfacade® / Luminance®