Beyond LEED® Certification

LEED certification is just one step in taking sustainability from a concept to meaningful action. Sustainability is based on the belief that a new development must meet the needs of the present without compromising those of the future. Sustainability is measured in three interdependent dimensions: the environment, economics, and society — often referred to as the triple bottom line. YKK President Tadahiro Yoshida was clearly in the vanguard of this philosophy in 1994 when he wrote the YKK Environmental Charter:

“It is a most important duty for all mankind that we preserve the abundantly endowed global environment and that we transfer it to the next generation in sound condition. Striving to be an earth-friendly company, YKK Group proclaims that we will address and promote ‘harmony with the environment’ as the highest priority of our business activity.”

YKK AP constantly endeavors to better our performance in honoring that pledge. We’re proud that our products greatly enhance the energy efficiency of buildings and improve comfort for their occupants.

All YKK AP’s products are created in facilities that are models of energy efficiency and environmental responsibility. YKK AP’s U.S. manufacturing plant in Dublin, Georgia, is ISO 14001 certified and has a 73% recycling rate. The plant:

  • recycles 100% of aluminum waste on-site
  • has reduced the amount of other waste materials sent to the landfill by 40%
  • uses regenerative burners to save 50% on the melting/casting operation’s fuel consumption
  • captures and burns 93% of all solvent emissions from the paint line
  • uses state-of-the art techniques for waste water treatment

YKK AP is a Resource For You

All YKK AP sales representatives are required to obtain a Construction Documents Technologist Certificate, as administered by the Construction Specifications Institute (CSI). They are eager to assist you in meeting LEED prerequisites and performance benchmarks. These field professionals, supported by our LEED Accredited Professional, are well positioned to help you evaluate each product’s potential contribution to LEED credits. For assistance or product information, please contact your local YKK AP sales representative.

LEED is a registered trademarks of the U.S. Green Building Council