ProTek® Hurricane Mitigation Dry Glaze Option

YKK AP is constantly developing new and innovative solutions to meet the requirements of their markets. To help lower the “installed costs” for large missile applications, our product development engineers looked for ways to eliminate the interior structural silicone seal that has been historically required. Testing of the YKK AP ProTek impact resistant systems with an interior gasket and new laminated glass products clearly demonstrated their ability to meet the testing criteria of the International Building Code, and the “High Velocity Hurricane Zone” of the Florida Building Code.

YKK AP is pleased to introduce “Dry Glazed” versions of our popular YKK AP ProTek entrance and storefront systems. The design of the YKK AP ProTek systems makes it possible to protect building envelopes from flying debris and the strong cyclical winds associated with hurricanes — without an interior structural siilcone seal. A simple to install interior glazing gasket replaces the structural silicone to lower material cost, reduce glazing labor, and provide a tested and reliable solution that you can count on. Dry Glazed versions of the Model 35H entrance door and all three of our storefront systems have received Florida Product Approval for large missile applications.


YKK AP ProTek® Hurricane System Dry Glazing Benefits

Lower Labor Costs
A simple push in gasket replaces the task of taping off the glass and frame, and then applying and tooling the silicone.

Enhanced Reliability
Dry glazing does not rely on the proper application of the structural silicone.

Simple to Re-glaze
Replacing glass in a dry glaze system is much less expensive as it is not necessary to cut out and clean off the old sealant prior to re-glazing.

Lower Material Cost
Very little gasket is wasted while a significant portion of sealant is scraped (tooled) off and thrown away.

Improved Aesthetics
A gasket provides a smooth and even seal against the glass and will not collect dust and dirt.

Single Source
All gaskets are ordered and will ship together with the stock length material.