ProTek® Hurricane Mitigation Building System

There’s a fine line between strong and invincible.

Our ProTek® line has been in the path of of every major U.S. hurricane in the past 15 years with no reported damage. The ProTek line of products meets the requirements of the International Building Code and all state codes for hurricane impact protection in Wind-Borne Debris Regions, including Florida’s High Velocity Hurricane Zone – Miami Dade and Broward counties. From low to high wind speeds and design pressures, ProTek systems give you the cost-effective protection you need.

All products meet or exceed forced ingress standards, and with both thermal and non-thermal options the ProTek system can cover any project. We are committed to providing high quality solutions for your building envelope, whether the need is for Small Missile A, Large Missile D or Missile Level E for Essential Facilities.

All hardware components are designed to perform well in corrosive environments, and the whole system has Design Pressure options from 40 PSF to 130 PSF (or higher with application engineering.) Most products also have the option for dry glazing to help reduce labor costs while keeping the superior protection of the ProTek system.


YKK AP America Inc., the true industry leader in hurricane impact resistant glazing systems, is proud to offer a complete line of glazing systems that meet both Miami Dade County (NOA) and Florida product approval. All YKK AP ProTek systems are engineered and tested in accordance with ASTM E 1886 and ASTM E 1996 as well as the South Florida “High Velocity Hurricane Zone” test requirements: TAS 201, TAS 202, and TAS 203.

YKK AP ProTek systems are designed to protect your building from flying debris, both large and small missile, and the fierce cyclical winds associated with hurricanes. We provide storefront systems for monolithic & insulated glazing applications. We now also have the first fully tested and approved thermally broken storefront system. Our 35H hurricane impact resistant door is available with a wide variety of hardware options and has been tested and approved in sizes up to 8’-0” X 8’-0”. Complete curtain wall systems are available for both monolithic and insulated glazing and may be glazed from either the exterior or the interior of the building. YKK AP also offers non-thermal and thermally broken operable window systems and sliding glass doors in many different configurations to meet your project requirements.

Contact your local sales representative for additional information on the family of hurricane impact resistant systems and their available glass options from YKK AP America Inc.