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Cummins Inc. Corporate Headquarters

Cummins Inc. Corporate Headquarters

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David Rubin Land Collective

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Project Type: Retrofit Office
Construction Type: Retrofit
Product Lines Used: Anodized Plus®
Branch: Cincinnati

Cummins Innovation

Cummins Inc. is a Fortune 500 company and a 100-year-old global power leader comprised of complementary arms of the business that design, manufacture, distribute and service a wide-range of power solutions. Cummins Inc. has been headquartered in Columbus, Indiana since its inception, but employs over 62,000 workers worldwide.

This past year, Cummins Inc. set out to retrofit a building on their campus that contained no windows or natural light. Given the buildings historic features and charm, they wanted to open up the space to allow incoming natural light, while preserving and replicating the intricate facade design that was iconic to the building. In addition to preserving the iconic feel of the building, it was important the newly retrofitted building blend seamlessly with the existing headquarters building on its campus.

This goal was accomplished by leveraging YKK AP’s YCW 750 OG Curtain Wall to allow for multi-pane glass surfaces to achieve a unique aesthetic that would allow strong natural light into the building for a productive work environment.

The end product achieves iconic status and fills the space with natural light, plus integrates external greenery enhancing to the unique historic feel of the building.