YKK AP America Named Winner in 2021 Built Design Awards

Austell, Ga. – Nov. 17 – YKK AP America’s YWW 50 TU Thermally Broken Window Wall was selected as a winning product in the BLT Built Design Awards – “Construction Product – Wall & Isolation systems and materials” category.

The awards recognize the expertise of all professionals involved in the realization of outstanding projects; from Architecture firms, Interior design experts to construction products, and project management.

The submissions for the 1st edition of the BLT Awards closed at the end of September 2021, leaving the jury panel composed of 40 experienced architects, designers, developers, academics and media representatives to select winners in each category. The program received over 450 submissions from 54 countries in the first year alone.

The YWW 50 TU thermally broken window wall system was recognized for its clean design, fast installation and maximum versatility, which makes it a competitive alternative to curtain wall for mid-to-high-rise building applications. With higher thermal performance and the ability to handle heavy design loads for oversized panels of glass, the YWW 50 TU is a flexible window wall product that spans from floor to floor and is able to adapt to innovative architectural designs, like that of a continuously changing radius. This product is also available in a six-inch version – the YWW 60 TU – rounding out the line of versatile wall solutions for mixed-use buildings.

A unique slab-edge cover offers a clean look for modern designs, and structural silicone glazing is an option for a slimmer sightline. The glass pane is set to the front to maximize thermal performance, which is also enhanced by YKK AP’s patented MegaTherm® thermal break technology, providing dual finish capability. Both can be stick-built or shop-glazed in a controlled environment for quick installation.

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