I Am An Architect

We are not fully defined by just our occupations. We are many things to many people, and each little aspect of our lives plays a significant part in being better at what we do. Our interests are inspiration. Our love is transformed into structure and space.

We are architects, but we are so much more.


I Am An ARCHITECT – Eat. Sleep. Architect.

Brady/Mosby explore what it means to be an architect in their 2018 video.


Inspiring Architecture

In the same way we can shape a city or building, as architects we can also change the future of our profession. We have the power to create awareness of architecture as a career path and inspire the next generation to make a difference in their communities and their world.

The American Institute of Architects (AIA) K-12 Committee is driven to do just this. Its mission is to strengthen the pipeline of future architects, to enhance existing K-12 curriculum and to promote diversity and inclusion into the design curriculum.

At the AIA Conference on Architecture 2017 in Orlando, the AIA K-12 Committee presented the “Inspire Architecture” panel in a Pecha Kucha style. Each presenter discussed inspiring youth architecture success stories in a series of 20 slides, shown for 20 seconds each. Below are the highlights from each session:

Interested in seeing more? Below is the full coverage of the Pecha Kucha presentation:

Inspired to get involved? Reach out to Melody Harclerode or Judson Kline, FAIA.


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I Am An Architect Part 5: The History of Architecture

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I Am An Architect – Inspire Architecture