Recognizing National Window Safety Week

This week the National Safety Council’s Window Safety Task Force is celebrating National Window Safety Week, with a focus on raising awareness for accidental falls. This is more important than ever as families and children stay home for long periods of time.

Here are some safety tips shared by the Window Safety Task Force to keep you and your family safe: 

  • Teach children to play area away from windows
  • Teach caregivers and children that screens keep bugs out, but they do not keep children in
  • For any windows that are 6 feet or higher from the ground, install window stops or guards that meet ASTM standards – limiting windows to opening less than 4 inches
  • Keep windows closed and locked when not in use
  • Keep furniture or anything a child can climb away from windows
  • Always supervise children and ask about window safety when your child visits other homes
  • For a double-hung window on an upper floor, install a window guard or stop that keeps children from pushing the bottom window open
  • Lessen the potential impact of injury from a fall through strategic landscaping – use of wood chips, grass or shrubs beneath windows

For more information about Window Safety Week, visit the National Safety Council’s website:

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