YKK AP Announces Completion of Significant Upgrades to Dublin Manufacturing Facility

More than $2 million invested in improvements demonstrates commitment to better serving employees and customers

DUBLIN, Ga. (June 28, 2019) – YKK AP America today announces the completion of its newly upgraded commercial manufacturing facility, after investing more than $2 million in renovations. The one-million-square-foot facility, located in Dublin, Ga., houses multiple manufacturing processes under one roof and includes 50,000 square feet of office space, where most of the renovations took place.

renderingIn addition to cosmetic upgrades such as new floors, ceilings, and work stations, energy-efficient lighting and insulation improvements were also included in the renovation. YKK AP expects to reduce utility costs with these upgrades as well as the carbon footprint of the facility. YKK AP employees were able to begin working in the new environment as of March 26.

“The improvements made to this facility are essential to showing our customers and employees that YKK AP is committed to providing outstanding quality and service, especially within our own walls,” said Patrys Wiid, vice president of organizational excellence at YKK AP America. “Our team expressed the desire for a more innovative workspace – one that would energize them – and we listened. Our exceptional team deserves to work in an environment that is conducive to productivity and satisfaction, and these new facility upgrades demonstrate our world-class product and service offerings from the moment you walk through the door.”

The facility’s vertical manufacturing processes allow everything from materials development to equipment design to happen under one roof, making it possible to adjust production capacity, achieving efficient low-volume production and improve processes.

To learn more about YKK AP America’s commercial facade systems and residential doors and windows, go to www.ykkap.com.

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