YKK AP Employees Gather for Hands-On Training

Employee Training 2018 - 3At YKK AP, we strive to foster an environment of continual growth and a commitment to our employees. One way we put this into practice is by offering an annual in-depth employee product training

This year’s training took place in March when employees from several branches and manufacturing locations – Atlanta, Austell, Cincinnati, Dallas, Dublin, Boston, Baltimore, and Chicago – came together in Dublin, Ga. to participate. Conducted by YKK AP’s skilled team of industry experts, the week-long training provided experiential learning exercises to allow the employees to tangibly learn, as well as work collaboratively with their

Veronica Acosta, office administrator, was one of 15 participants. “The investment in this type of hands-on training is critical to allowing employees to fully understand what makes YKK AP unique. We were able to see first-hand our manufacturing practices, experience our products and how they fit together,” said Acosta. “We walked away with a better understanding of YKK AP’s critical role in the industry, and an appreciation for our colleagues different roles.”

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