Future Architects at Kent State Get Hands-On Experience with YKK AP

At Ohio’s Kent State University, students are encouraged to learn and explore through direct experience. When YKK AP’s Ohio sales representative, Bob Ober, recently visited Kent State University’s architectural department, he brought with him elaborate YKK AP product samples as a way to engage the students through experiential learning and to bring the discussion around fenestration products to life. To Bob’s surprise, Kent State University’s new architectural library contained a catalog featuring all of YKK AP’s products, so the students were prepped and ready to bring their YKK AP product knowledge from print catalog into a rich first-hand demonstration and discussion of product functionality and benefits.

Throughout the visit, Bob connected with the students around product specific topics, which had also been a recent in-class discussion, such as YKK AP’s three point fastening system, how sill flashing bridges the thermal gap, and the differences in curtain wall finishes.

Not only did Bob and the students engage in topics related to fenestration products but they rounded out the visit by touching upon the topic of glass. Bob led an informative discussion on tempered glass, the maximum size of insulated units, and the benefits of laminated glass for safety, security, and sound control.