YKK AP America Announces Direct Freight Shipping Program

New program offers customers reassurance during the shipping and delivery process

YKK AP, announces a major expansion of its direct freight service program offering a more efficient and secure method of shipping customer orders in Northeastern and Midwest U.S. markets. The most recent expansion is in addition to programs previously launched in the Texas, Gulf Coast, Florida, Southwest, and Central U.S. regions and greatly decreases the use of less-than-truckload (LTL) transportation.

Through the direct freight program, YKK AP customers can be reassured their shipments will be handled with the upmost care. The program utilizes a dedicated logistics system with company trucks to handle transportation and deliveries. Each shipment is moved by hand, limiting the possibility of damage. Additionally, through the direct freight program, shipments will be scheduled for delivery on a regular date, allowing the customer to know what day of the week they can expect their order to arrive.

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