StyleView® Sliding Doors

StyleView® Sliding Doors

StyleView Sliding Doors are a beautiful option for giving a room an appealing focal point. They invite natural light into the room and take advantage of its views.

Like all StyleView window and door products, the sliding patio doors are meticulously crafted with the finest materials and workmanship. StyleView sliding patio doors are designed for powerful visual appeal and years of security, energy-saving comfort and trouble-free operation.

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  • Heavy-Duty Lock: Provides security and tight weather seal.
  • Full Perimeter Weatherstripping: Protection against air, water, noise, and dust infiltration.
  • Upgraded Hardware: Precision-fit and corrosion resistant for long lasting performance.
  • Aluminum Threshold: Lasting durability.
  • Wide Track Adjustable Rollers: Encased bearings for smooth operation

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Construction Use: New Construction

Grille Options: Simulated Divided Lines / Sculptured Grids between Glass / Flat Grids between Glass

Available Options: Neat Lo-E Glass

Door Type: Sliding Door

Door Panels: Two

Maximum Door Opening: 95-1/4" x 79-1/2"

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Exterior and Interior Finishes


Grille Options

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Glass Efficiency Options

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