YKK AP is your partner and your advantage.

Today’s customers want products that match their style and enhance their comfort without sacrificing quality.

Give them options that give you an edge with vinyl windows and doors from YKK AP.

Bottom-Line Benefits

We assist you by supporting architects, generating leads on your behalf and investing in local and regional experts to support you. And we minimize our shipping points, meaning products come directly from us to you—fast.

An Expert Ally

YKK AP is a global company operating at a local level. We leverage the assets and processes of the largest company structure with the intimate knowledge and relationships of a local branch. This ensures we provide quality products perfectly matched to regional contexts.

We also pride ourselves on knowing the challenges and needs of the areas where we operate, and we manufacture all of our products in the USA.

The YKK AP Advantage

YKK AP is singular in its offerings and in its appeal. We produce sizes, styles and more that other manufacturers don’t.

Other exclusives include:

  • Special features—such as NEAT glass and removable top sashes
  • Larger sizes that provide you the widest selection in the vinyl window and door space
  • Custom sizing on every product
  • Hurricane protection products from the leader in commercial blast mitigation and hurricane resistance
  • Appeal and sales to multiple audiences, from custom homebuilders to remodelers
  • Satisfaction of energy and protection requirements in all regions

Our Commitment

YKK AP develops state-of-the-art products for homeowners, with an emphasis on impact protection and energy efficiency. Combining advanced technologies and extensive experience with major projects worldwide, we produce exceptional residential vinyl windows and doors. Our products offer a new dimension in reliability, comfort and safety.

Every window and door we make results from a near-obsessive focus on research and development and rigorous testing.

In our unique vertically integrated production system, we control not only final product quality, but also the quality of each manufacturing component. That’s how we develop products that meet specific market needs, ensure consistent standards and deliver the kind of excellence our customers have come to expect.