StyleView® Geometric Windows

StyleView® Geometric Windows

StyleView Geometric windows, available in a wide variety of standard and custom shapes, offer exciting opportunities to expand the value of windows as an architectural asset.

Style View Geometric windows are designed for years of trouble-free use. By  corrosion-resistant hardware with an architecturally correct profile design, YKK AP offers geometric windows with wood-like profiles at a price point that delivers more.

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ENERGY STAR / Flange Support


  • Integral 180 Brick Mould and J-Channel: Produces a rich detailed appearance while reducing labor and material costs associated with J-channel applications.
  • Double Weather Stripping: Optimum protection against air, water, noise, and dust infiltration.
  • 3/4″ Insulated Glass: Low-E and low-conductance spacers are standard for optimal thermal efficiency.
  • Corrosion-Resistant Hardware: For lasting durability in the harshest environments

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Construction Use: New Construction

Grille Options: Simulated Divided Lines / Sculptured Grids between Glass / Flat Grids between Glass

Available Options: Neat Lo-E Glass

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Exterior and Interior Finishes


Grille Options

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Glass Efficiency Options

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