StyleGuard® Impact-Resistant Double-Hung Windows

StyleGuard® Impact-Resistant Double-Hung Windows

Protecting your family and home from extreme weather is paramount. YKK AP StyleGuard® Double-Hung vinyl windows are up to the task.

Specifically designed for homes built in coastal areas that are subject to hurricanes and other extreme weather conditions, StyleGuard impact-resistant double-hung windows have been tested to ASTM and Miami-Dade protocols to resist impact from windborne debris.

StyleGuard double-hung windows include the hallmarks of quality construction for which YKK AP has become known: rich millwork detailing, fusion-welded sashes and frames, high-efficiency glazing options, precision-fitted corrosion-resistant hardware, options for easy installation, and many others.

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ENERGY STAR / Flange Support / Hurricane Protection


  • Optional 180 Brick Mould & J-Channel: Produces a rich detailed appearance while reducing labor and material costs typical of J-channel applications
  • 7/8″ Insulated Impact-Resistant Laminated Glass: Complies with ASTM and Miami-Dade protocols for impact resistance, while low-E and low-conductance spacers are standard for optimal thermal efficiency
  • Tilt-In Bottom and Top Sash: Makes cleaning easier
  • Double Weather Stripping: Optimum protection against air, water, noise, and dust infiltration
  • Corrosion-Resistant Hardware: For lasting durability in the harshest environments

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Construction Use: New Construction

Maximum Opening: 43 1/2" x 75-1/2"

Grille Options: Simulated Divided Lines / Sculptured Grids between Glass / Flat Grids between Glass

Available Options: Neat Lo-E Glass (366 Lo-E Only)

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Exterior and Interior Finishes


Grille Options

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Glass Efficiency Options

Neat Lo-E 366 window glass option