Precedence® Single-Hung Windows

Precedence® Single-Hung Windows

Precedence Single-Hung vinyl replacement windows by YKK AP define a new standard for great-looking performance and value.

Homeowner Benefits

With a wide range of available styles, sizes, and options—plus superior standard features, built-in energy savings and virtually no maintenance—you’ll see why Precedence Single-Hung replacement windows are a great way to update (and upgrade) your home.

Construction and Design Features

  • 3/4” Insulated Glass: Low-E and low-conductance spacers are standard for optimal thermal efficeincy
  • Double Weather-Stripping: Added protection against drafts, moisture, noise, and dust infiltration
  • Tilt-In Sash: Makes cleaning safer and easier
  • Upgraded Hardware: Precision-fit, corrosion-resistant locks, keepers, and latches
  • Architecturally Correct Styling: Complements your home while upgrading performance

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Product Specifications

  • Features: ENERGY STAR, Flange Support
  • Construction Use: New Construction / Replacement
  • Maximum Opening: 47-1/2" x 73-1/2"
  • Grille Options: Simulated Divided Lines / Sculptured Grids between Glass / Flat Grids between Glass
  • Available Options: Neat Lo-E Glass
Exterior and Interior Finishes


Grille Options

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Glass Efficiency Options

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