StyleGuard® Impact-Resistant Geometric Windows

StyleGuard® Impact-Resistant Geometric Windows

Protecting your family and home from extreme weather is paramount. YKK AP StyleGuard impact resistant geometric vinyl windows are up to the task.

Specifically designed for homes built in coastal areas that are subject to hurricanes and other extreme weather conditions, StyleGuard impact-resistant windows have been tested to ASTM and Miami-Dade protocols to resist impact from windborne debris.

StyleGuard windows include the hallmarks of quality construction for which YKK AP has become known: rich millwork detailing, fusion-welded sashes and frames, high-efficiency glazing options, precision-fitted corrosion-resistant hardware, options for easy installation, and many others.

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ENERGY STAR / Flange Support / Hurricane Protection


  • Optional 180 Brick Mould & J-Channel: Produces a rich detailed appearance while reducing labor and material costs typical of J-channel applications
  • 7/8″ Insulated Impact-Resistant Laminated Glass: Complies with ASTM and Miami-Dade protocols for impact resistance, while low-E and low-conductance spacers are standard for optimal thermal efficiency
  • Double Weather Stripping: Optimum protection against air, water, noise, and dust infiltration
  • Corrosion-Resistant Hardware: For lasting durability in the harshest environments

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Construction Use: New Construction

Maximum Opening: 47-1/2" x 71-1/8"

Grille Options: Simulated Divided Lines / Sculptured Grids between Glass / Flat Grids between Glass

Available Options: Neat Lo-E Glass (366 Lo-E Only)

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Exterior and Interior Finishes


Grille Options

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Glass Efficiency Options

Neat Lo-E 366 window glass option