Key Considerations When Shopping For Windows and Doors

Consider the following information your guide during the buying process. The more you know, the quicker you’ll narrow the field — and the better you’ll feel about your window and door decisions. 


Vinyl windows are an excellent choice because they combine aesthetic curb appeal with flexible design, energy efficiency and structural stability. It’s also an excellent insulator, as the fusion-welded sash and frame corners provide a tight fit and finish without the danger of shrinking or expanding. Various glazings can also increase the protection against outside conditions. Best of all, vinyl is virtually maintenance free. That means no painting or sealing, with only an occasional cleaning with a cloth and mild detergent to keep them looking new.

Sound Control

If you’re looking for a little peace and quiet – from neighbors’ dogs, cars, kids – look for double weather stripping and dual pane construction, among other options, to minimize outside noise.

Weather/Impact Protection

On coastal areas or near golf courses, you should consider impact-resistant doors or windows. Just check their certifications to ensure they meet regional code standards.

For wind-prone areas, be sure to examine weather stripping, frames, the number of panes (more is better), and method of installation for increased draft reduction, making for more energy-efficient windows.


Aesthetics are as important as quality. With a manufacturer like YKK AP, that offers different window styles and colors for the interior and exterior as well as help matching new windows and doors with your existing structures or design features of your new home. New colors, grille patterns and screen options can enhance your facade and current design.

For architectural proportions, look for products with different frame widths on the tops and sides while keeping in mind that not all manufacturers allow you to mimic the look of traditional wood windows.


New windows and exterior doors not only improve the design of your house, but also increase security. The YKK AP two-point window locks, anti-lift blocks and heavy-duty rollers will provide security as well as exterior light and beauty.


When making a significant purchase, you should choose a manufacturer that stands behind the products it sells. Your windows and doors should come with a limited lifetime warranty, providing protection against manufacturing defects to the purchasing owner.