YKK AP Demonstrates Industry Innovation as First Commercial
Building Products Manufacturer to Launch an iPad Application

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Architectural Product Master® is the only iPad app to assist building professionals with selection and integration of energy-efficient facades for building envelopes.

The Architectural Product Master app is the ultimate resource for smart building professionals. The app contains innovative tools designed for Architects, General Contractors, Glazing Contractors, and other design professionals involved in commercial building construction. The program provides detailed information on high-performance fenestration systems for use in commercial buildings and assists in the design and installation phases of a project.


Featured within the program is the innovative myThermal Assistant. This tool allows you to calculate the energy saving performance metrics of YKK AP products with project specific glass packages and sizes. If you're not sure of which product and glass package to use, you can enter the desired energy performance and the program will recommend the YKK AP framing system and glass package to meet that requirement.

Also contained within the program are tools to assist with the installation of YKK AP products in the field. With YKK AP's unique at-a-glance checklists, contractors can use this app to walk the jobsite and confirm that YKK AP's recommended installation steps are being followed.


Features include:

  • Design Manual: cross-section views of all aspects of YKK AP's glazing systems
  • YKK AP Advantages: make your next project a great success with YKK AP
  • Green Resources: The top 10 green building resources on the web for commercial construction
  • Product Flyers: YKK AP system benefits and product pictures
  • Installation Instructions: manufacturer's recommended installation instructions
  • QA Tools
    • At-a-glance checklists will empower your QA personnel to ensure YKK AP's installation instructions are followed
    • Short installation videos will help your QA personnel visualize the installation step
  • myThermal Assistant: thermal performance calculator using the AAMA 507 standard with NFRC test methods.